Jörn Malzahn

Humanoids and Human Centered Mechatronics Lab, IIT Genoa

Design and Control of Torque Controlled Walk-Man Actuators: Experiences and Solutions

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The talk will detail the challenges discovered and solved during the design and development of the Walk-Man Humanoid actuators. A central topic will be the sensor design iteration to minimize the impact of assembly tolerances, clearances and cross couplings on the torque sensing results. Beyond that, the talk will include a discussion of criteria considered to select the torque sensing element stiffness and conclude with torque sensing and control resultwalk-man.jpgs.

Jörn Malzahn has conducted his doctoral degree in the field of compliant and elastic link robots at the University of Dortmund in Germany. He received the degree with distinction (summa cum laude) and the Körber foundation considered his work as a finalist for the award of the most important dissertations of the year 2015.
He is currently Post-Doc in the Humanoid and Human Centered Mechatronics Lab within the Department of Advanced Robotics at the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa. There he works on all mechatronic aspects involved in force/torque controlled robot actuation towards a new generation of energy efficient, powerful and yet sensitive robot assistants.