Arne Wahrburg

ABB Research Center Germany

Cartesian contact force and torque estimation for redundant manipulators

(download slides)

Cartesian Contact Force and Torque Estimation (CCFE) is a key technology enabling force controlled robotic applications without the need for costly additional sensing. In this talk, different approaches to CCFE based on motor signals (currents, angles, speeds) are presented. Special emphasis is put onto estimation of forces and torques for redundant manipulators. It is shown how the information obtained from the additional DOF(s) can be exploited to increase the estimation accuracy. Furthermore, applications to fYuMi_with_external_force-1orce-controlled scenarios are presented.

Dr.-Ing. Arne Wahrburg obtained his PhD in the area of model-based fault diagnosis from TU Darmstadt in 2013. Since then, he has been with the Robotics and Manufacturing group at ABB Corporate Research in Germany, working on robot motion and force control as a Senior Scientist. In 2015, he received the VDI/VDE Eugen-Hartmann-Award and his work on contact force/torque estimation was nominated as a finalist for the Best Application Paper award at the IFAC Safeprocess Symposium.